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Fees & Offers

Fee Guide

Please see Costin for your own individual treatment plan and quotation.

We can provide written estimates prior for any treatment being performed unless it is an emergency appointment and treatment is unknown.

  • Payment is required for treatment that has been provided on that day.
  • Costs for treatment taking more than one visit are divided into the number of appointments needed, and this amount is paid each visit.
  • We accept most major credit and debit cards, cash and cheques.

Fees correct as of June 2023

New patient consultation / examination £65.00
Xrays - Only relevant ones will be taken. Cost of these is £17.50 each for bitewing xrays (usually x 2 are taken, one on each side of your mouth); and £17.50 for periapical xrays
New patient - child £40.00
Routine examination £65.00
Routine examination - child £40.00
New patient £125.00
Routine £85.00
Fillings from £160.00
depending on size & material
Veneers £785.00
a thin porcelain facing used to cover stained teeth, close gaps and improve alignment
Crowns and Bridges from £785.00
porcelain or gold jackets used to replace missing or badly broken teeth, or teeth with large fillings
Inlays £785.00
a durable way to fill teeth with large cavities
RCT root canal treatment from £450.00
needed to treat a dead tooth with an abscess
Extraction appointment £160.00
Dentures (per arch) from £800.00
Gumshields from £190.00
* Prices marked with an asterisk are quoted per tooth